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Beth Memorization, Pt 2


___ can a _____ person ____
    on the ____ of ______?    By ______ according to your ____.
10 ____ you with ___ my _____;
    do not let me _____ from your ________.
11 I have ______ your ____ in my _____
    that I might ___ ___ against ___.


12 Praise be to you, LORD;
teach me your decrees.
13 With my lipsrecount
    all the laws that come from your mouth


Q. What does God deserve in verse 12? Why? Take some time to think about this from your own life. Why does God deserve this from you (and I)?

Q. What does the psalmist ask the Lord to do in the second part of verse 12? How does God do this? What does the imperative verb “(please) teach me” imply about yourself? About God?

Decrees = Hebrew choq (“khoke”), meaning “something prescribed or owed, a statute” (Strong’s Concordance); it means a prescribed task to be done. Some Bible translations translate this word as statute, decree, law, etc. It is a task mandated (by one in authority) as a boundary (for someone under that authority).

Q. How are these two concepts in verse 12 connected? Answer by using an “If God…then…” statement.

Q. What does verse 13 show us that the psalmist will do after verse 12? What does this mean? Recount = “tell again (publicly); give an account of something to someone”. What would this look like in daily life?

Try this: Draw a simple stick-man sketch of what verse 13 looks like, showing God and yourself and others and showing the visual of a mouth. Here’s my feeble attempt. Your drawing will (be much better and) represent your own understanding.

Sketch of Psalm 119:12-13 by

Summing it up: How do these two verses connect with verses 9-11? Think about it.

Application: If you could paraphrase these two verses into your own words for your own life, especially as these two relate to the previous three, how would you word it? Write it down as a prayer and a statement of purpose. Put it where you can see it throughout the day and week.


_____can a ______person _____
    on the _____of ________?    By ______according to your _______.
10 _______you with ____my _______;
    do not let me _______from your _________.
11 I have ________your _______in my _________
    that I might ________against _____.
12 ________be to you, _________;
________me your ________.
13 With my ________________
    all the _______that come from your ________

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