Thy Kiss of Grace Poetry Anthology by

The following pages are musings put into words. I also collect poetry from others that are particularly moving–poems that have been gleaned from classic sources and striking newer sources as well.  Some of my own are not poetry (in the sense of correct poetry) but are poetic prose.  

Poetry is hard to define today, hard to write, and not popular.  I make no pretense about my own.  But hopefully we can share a moment of life together.  Some are “slice of life” poems, some are prayers or moments of worship, and some of them are just fun.  

PARENTING — “Here Am I and My Children With Me”

DAILY LIGHT — “Daily Light Upon the Pathway”

MISSIONS — “Be Still and Go”

CHILDREN — “Bring the Little Ones To Me”

REMEMBRANCES — “We Have This Cloud of Witnesses”

HIGHER GROUND — “He Has Set My Feet on High Places”

PSALMS — “Thy Word is a Lamp Unto My Feet”

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