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From time to time, I want to point you to various pages on this website in addition to the Blog.

Primarily, there are the octrains of Psalm 119 and a prayer for each on our Prayers page. This forms the backbone of this website.

This Posts page lists blog posts which are meditations on Psalm 119 (by octrain or by verse) as well as other passages in God’s Word as they are considered and worked out in daily life.

The Hall of Witnesses page, formerly titled “Commemorations”, is a new and ongoing homebase for brief biographies of former and current saints of God. If you want to know what a “saint” is, click on this link and check it out.

NEW for today in the Hall of Witnesses is an interview with Jamie Pritchett, the “Good News Coloring Book Lady” (, as she has come to be called. See how an ordinary mom learned how she could make a difference in missions at a most inconvenient time in life. New biographies will be added as often as I can write them, so keep checking back!

The Resources page lists many online-available (free or for purchase) resources for learning more about Psalm 119. There are children’s resources, audio-visual resources, sermons, etc. Hopefully, in 2019 I will be able to offer my own resources (already in development) for learning the Hebrew Alef-Bet and prayer cards to download for memorization and prayer help. So from time to time, browse this link to see what has been newly uploaded (shown by the “New!” graphic).

The Gallery page is constantly updated to discuss some of the original photographs you see on this website taken by me, Tamara. Also, more information can be found concerning graphics or photography that is credited to others. There are often further musings about spiritual connections and almost serves as a second blog. If you’re interested in photography or the images you see on this website, then head over to that page.

God is good. Another day draws to its close, another day of thanks for God’s faithfulness. What are you thankful for today? I’m thankful for dear friends who lend their time and love and share their ministries. I’m thankful for the love of a good man, and for every one of my precious children and their spouses and all my grandchildren and my precious parents. I think I’ll just spend the rest of the evening counting my blessings from there. How about you?

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