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To a Great Man on Father’s Day

God blessed the world twice over when he was born, a double gift and very cherished.  

Faithful in love, all these years.  Others may admire, but there is only one for him. Undeserving me. 

He goes to work every day since he was 16 or 17, whether he feels like it or not.  Almost 40 years to a single company.  Almost 40 years to a family whom he loves with his very life.

Generous to his family, not just with the stuff of this world, but with himself.  He serves unceasingly.  

He prays.  His mealtime prayers are gracious and brief, but we all know the depth that lies unsaid–the secret prayers that he prays when he feels himself powerless to do more.  We all know that every single one of us is named and remembered.  He thinks: “not enough”.  We can’t imagine anyone loving us to the Father more! 

He laughs.  The children have his funny bone and his “originally-wired” accuity for word-plays, seeing the fails of life from new perspectives no one else sees.  He keeps us in stitches and we can’t imagine life without him.  He makes work light. He balances over-introspective and serious me.  

He admonishes.  When words fail, one can never doubt the heart and the love-wrought-concern.  He can see severely to the bone.  

He is ever practical. “Work hard”, “work with integrity for we serve a higher God”, “work before sun-up to when one finally rests in a chair at night”, “work efficiently for time is precious, and resources are scarce” — these are all mantras that are lived, not said.  

He is simple.  Brief.  Plain-spoken, and plain-lived.  He is a blend of Rabbit’s efficiency, Tigger’s bounce, Eyore’s self-forgetfulness, Piglet’s concern, Pooh-bear’s comfortable congeniality and Roo’s sharp innocence.  He denigratingly says he is a Pooh of very little brain, but we know him as a Pooh of very great heart that is so much needed by us in addition to his truly creative, inquisitive, inventive and resourceful mind.  He makes life in these Hundred Acre Woods a joy!

He is a proud father of three fine sons and a beautiful daughter.  He has modeled responsibility and self-sacrifice, abiding love and faithfulness, financial integrity and a wisdom that is borne from a life-long humility of learning.  He is a man blessed with the ability to learn and grow.  Because he models, we can follow.

Though highly appreciated by so many, he is still under-appreciated for his true worth and overworked. Any brief glory and honor he receives from others often fades during the ongoing, blazing heat of daily life.  And yet he keeps on loving and serving.  

He tinkers with his dreams, because he stays busy making ours come true.  

He is the Patriarch of our clan: the Dad of our children, Papa to three and hopefully to more along the way, and the only love of my life.  

I could never have imagined the never-ending blessing you would bring to my life and to my children’s lives.  We are unendingingly grateful to Christ for the gift of your life.  

Happy Father’s Day, my love. 

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