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Rahil’s Story|Great Commission

Spired Churches, Inverness, Scotland 2017

Rahil was a successful Hindu priest whose world was changed by an unexpected encounter with the love of Jesus Christ.

This 5:24 minute Vimeo video was created by the Evangelical Association, UK ( Please go to or watch their introduction video to learn more about “What is the Evangelical Alliance for?” at See also ChristianityExplored (International) at

In North America, please visit the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) at or ChristianityExplored (North America) at and learn more about this Jesus of whom Rahil speaks.

A great place to have many questions answered is also It’s such a colorful and rich site, here’s their splash page so you can preview: seeks to draw attention to our mostly unread Bibles, to take up and READ the holy scriptures. There we experience the intersection of authentic daily life and the truths found in scripture through the dynamic Person of Jesus Christ, the only Son of the Living God and our only hope for Life.

It is my prayer that as we continue studying the Word of God (with a background focus on Psalm 119) and walking it out daily, we will come to know Him more, and live out His life and love in truth and peace with God and with one another. The Christian life is a life of both soul-freedom and sacrifice. It is the most exciting adventure ever! Take up and read! Seek and you will find!

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BANNER PHOTO: Spired churches on the River Ness in Inverness, Scotland;
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