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Microsoft Word Tutorials: MLA Formatting

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Eric Wheeler, Oct 25, 2010. 2:54 min.

NOTES: This video shows you how to create a basic 4-line heading (name, teacher’s name, class or assignment title, and date), the title, how to set the “justify” settings, margins (1″ all around) and the tab setting. It will show you how to set up an automatic “header” (your last name and page number) at the upper right.

NOTE: I require Times New Roman font, not Calibri or any other non-serif font. (Serifs are those little horizontal bars on the letters. These are helpful for guiding the eye forward, making reading easier).

FOR RESEARCH ESSAYS or PAPERS: Please note that for our purposes, we will do a title page for research writing only. You will NOT put the 4-line heading on the first page of your essay.

FOR REGULAR ESSAYS: You will put the 4-line heading on the first page. You will not have a title page.

Adam’s other channel, Oct 30, 2017

NOTES: For this 2016 video…

… enlarge the screen

pause and study the actions and dialogue boxes; he goes quickly!

…Take a screenshot of any needed views for offline reference. (To take a screenshot, press and hold down SHIFT + COMMAND + 4. This gives you a size-able toothpick. Click the upper left corner of the box you want to highlight, then pull the box so that the box captures all the screen you want. When you let go, the screenshot will save to your desktop. Click on the heading then name that screenshot.

…Adam does indent the paragraphs at the END of the video. Don’t wait to do this at the end of your document. Get in the habit of tabbing the first line of every paragraph as you write it.

…default tabs are automatically set to 1/2″, so you shouldn’t have to worry about that.

…Don’t use the citation option that Adam shows. Go ahead and do your citations by hand, using for now. When you get used to citing sources, then the features Adam shows will make your life easier. But you need to have the process “manual” for now, while you’re learning.

…the “bibliography” is the old name for what is now called “Works Cited”. Don’t let that throw you! ;D

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