Revision Redux

I just want to state my gratefulness to those who are following this site and the people who have “liked” this very humble blog.  I have enjoyed perusing your own blogs.  It has encouraged me so much to read how each one is finding your way to God’s peace and rest in your very unique, and creative lives. I am in awe when I see the variety of ways God works in those who are submitted to His way. I am blessed to write, and doubly-blessed to read!

This white screen is not blank.  It is being read by human beings with lives.  That’s very humbling.  We’re all in the thick of life, learning from each other even when we’ve never met.  We have the Word between us to keep us all on track!

I am currently going through revising old posts, which will take some time to complete.  You’ll see the revision date at the bottom.

It is good to go backwards now and then. It stabilizes us to see where we’ve been and what needs “cleaning.” Just in revising these posts, I remember the Lord’s gentle visitations. I see the failures despite my best intentions. I’m in good company, for Paul also struggled with this!  (Romans 7:15-20)

I also see how the Lord has grown my faith and answered so many prayers (miraculously!) since those posts.  I see both the bad and the good, but mostly I see God’s grace covering all.


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