Thank you for joining me on’s Psalm119 Memorization Challenge!

It is a joy to memorize Psalm 119 together! Opportunities abound!

  1. After the family meal
  2. Evening Bible study or prayer time
  3. Sunday Schools
  4. Home Bible study fellowships
  5. Backyard Bible Clubs
  6. Homeschools
  7. ESL study
  8. Friend Challenges (weekly or monthly breakfasts, lunches, walks)
  9. Really, anyone of any age and in any setting can use any or all of these sources.

NOTE: All memorization resources use the New International Version (NIV) translation of the Bible. I selected this version for its versatility with different reading abilities, its modern language, and its generally reliable translation. If you would prefer a different translation, I will be happy to create and post materials in that version for you. Just submit a request in the comment box below.



For each octrain, the following helps will be uploaded:

  1. the 8-verse scripture passage with keywords in bold print + the same poster in fill-in-the-blank (FITB) format (2 pages)
  2. a reverse-memorization poster + FITB (1 page)
  3. an audio version of the entire octrain

ALEPH (v.1-8)

Aleph ReadAlong Audio

BETH (v9-16)

Beth ReadAlong Audio

GIMEL (v17-24)

More helps, such as the following, will be added to these basic two aids, so check back:

  1. lesson plans
  2. printable keyword flashcards
  3. printable octrain divider flashcards
  4. printable visual cue flashcards, etc.


Psalm Summary of Contents

Psalms TOC
Psalms Summarized Table of Contents

Included here is a compact summary or Table of Contents of the Psalms (not just 119). It is a little project that I did to help me remember key passages correlated to the correct chapter. I made it to fit inside the blank pages at the end of a little book of Psalms I purchased. It fits into some sizes of Moleskines, the back of your Bible, or a any journal by trimming, taping and pasting into the pages. Download for free here.

Note that the Psalms are divided into “books”.

PHOTO: The Psalms Summarized Table of Contents, trimmed and pasted into the back blank pages of The Psalms, ESV® Text Edition, ©2011 by Crossway.

Psalm 27 – Frameable

2 thoughts on “Memorization

  1. Hi. I am currently memorizing Psalm 145. I am interested in memorizing Psalm 119 if you can make the memorization resources in ESV 2001? Thanks in advance. Rose


    1. Rose,
      Thank you for your interest in memorizing Psalm 119! I will be very happy to check on permissions to put these in ESV 2001. I will check on that this week and will get that done as soon as I can. 😀 —


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