Take the Psalm119 Memorization Challenge!

This website is dedicated to the study and memorization of Psalm 119, and to walking out of its main precept together–the intersection of human need and God’s truth and promises. Since this psalm focuses on a close alignment with the Word of God, it is good to not only know it but “hide its word in our heart” so that we have it always close beside us. It means to sink its truths so deep into the core of our being such that God’s Word alone drives our thinking, feeling, loving, and all ensuing behaviors. It also intimates that we have God’s Word ever near us. What better way for that to be true, than to intentionally memorize His Word!

I actually created this website so that I could upload the fruit of my own challenge. I am not good with memorizing things, or at least not for long. I have backed out of a lot of opportunities in life for fear of relying on my faulty memory.

I have found that the more I rely on my “instant tech” to look up relevant passages in scripture, the less I depend on my mind. I am concerned that I’m shifting my “goods” to an earthly treasure (tool) that is susceptible to loss or corruption. I want to reverse that trend. Will you come with me?

New Resource Page

Beginning with this post, memorization helps for memorizing all 176 verses of Psalm 119, one octrain at a time, will be available here for free download. All resources in each Memorization blog post will also be collected into a new tab called Memorization, which takes the place of the Anthology tab.

Resources will continually be added to the Memorization resource page, including coloring book pages, Hebrew Alef-Bet posters, audio clips, etc. My goal is to give “face-lifts” to current resources as I go along as well.

Take the Psalm119 Challenge with me

I challenge you to try memorizing Psalm 119 with me. We will take it slow because memorization takes time. I hope that you will consider this a resource of you, your family, Bible study group or children’s class for the future.

When we are finished with Psalm 119, we will move on to other whole passages of scripture, starting with easy ones and moving progressively into larger passages: Exodus 20 (The Ten Commandments), Psalm 23 (The Shepherd’s Psalm), Psalm 100, to Romans 6-8 and onward.

I hope that you will join me and leave your “recitations” in the comment box below.


God bless you richly today with His presence,



The Memorization Challenge Intro, General Resources, and Index Card Memorization Aids PDF files will appear on this blog only. See the Memorization page to find them archived for download. Photos of the index card instructions completed are on the Index Card Mem Aids file on the last 2 pages.


7 thoughts on “Take the Psalm119 Memorization Challenge!

  1. Hi, I have started to memorize this Psalm too but doing the Good News version and hope to encourage my youth group to do it also and perhaps recite it as a fundraising event!

    1. Hello, Ruth! I am so glad you commented on the memorization challenge! I apologize for not replying sooner. I have been away, beging a caregiver for my mother who passed into the presence of her Lord this spring. I think reciting it as a fundraising event is a wonderful idea!! And what a passing of the baton to encourage your youth group to memorize! If you have any memorizing tips or procedures, I do hope you will comment again and share it with us!

      I am currently learning Scripture Memory Fellowship’s practice, which I will post on our Memorization page in the coming days soon. One can’t have too many options, since we all learn and memorize in whatever way works with our life- and learning-styles.

      Psalm 119 is a real challenge. I encourage everyone to at least try Aleph (or a single favorite octrain) and build up to including the rest. Every success breeds excitement for the next effort!! God bless you, Ruth, and your church as you share with them your love of God’s Word. — Tamara

  2. I have just found this site.
    Is the challenge still happening ?
    Ive been wanting to memorise this psalm for quite a while, however, Im not good at memorising .
    . I have managed to memorise
    a handful of the shorter psalms, psalm 1, 4, 8, 23, 27, 63, 91 etc.
    However, psalm 119 is beyond me , yet i would love to memorise it. Its such a beloved one , close to my heart and i am sure many many other people as well
    I cant seem to get a handle on the progression of verses, as the verses seem to be so similar, i become tangled.
    So far I have broken it up into Aleph .. and have managed verses 1-3 quite well, and verses 4-8 not so well .


    1. Joy, Thank you so much for your enthusiasm for memorizing this wonderful chapter of Psalms! I have been away but am back and will be continuing the memorization challenge. Yes, it is hard, but worth the effort. I can memorize three chapters, then seem to lose what I gained over time if I am not daily reviewing. I think we’re all in that boat! Thank you for your note and keep this website in prayer (and I will keep you in prayer, too!) that we can complete what we have begun in good faith. I am glad to be back!

    1. Debra, Thank you so much for writing! Yes, I will be continuing this challenge. I have been taking a counseling course and adding new students to my tutoring so I have not been able to post. So much has happened in 2020! Now more than ever, we need the beauty, counsel and solace of this and all of the psalms and all of God’s Word! I will make a determined effort to begin posting to the memorization challenge. God’s richest blessing to you as you desire His word too! Beautiful photo of you, as well. 😀 Tamara

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