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To read the scripture passage and an interpretive prayer following it, click on the desired octrain.  

Aleph (v1-8)

Beth  (v9-16)

Gimel (v17-24)

Daleth (v25-32)

He  (v33-40)  

Vav (v41-48)

Zayin (v49-56)

Heth (v57-64)

Tet (v65-72)

Yod  (v73-80)

Kaph (v81-88)

Lamed (v89-96)

Mem (v97-104)

Nun (v105-112)

 Samech (v113-120)

Ain (v121-128)

Pe (v129-136)  

Tzade (v137-144)

Koph (v145-152)

Resh (v153-160)

Shin (v161-168)

Tau (v169-176)



These blog posts are personal explorations of the themes in each of the octrains.  They are not meant to be exhaustive of all the treasures of meaning the octrain contains. Your thoughts are always welcome! I invite you to use the comment box to share your own thoughts and experiences or to ask questions. See “Gallery” for more info about the photos used for each post.

Aleph – “Defiled” (Sept 2018)

Beth – “From My Youth, Pt. I” and “From My Youth, Pt. II” (Sept 2018)

Gimel – “Dependence, Pt. 1” and “Dependence, Pt. 2” (October 2018)

Daleth – “The Low Door” (October 2018)

He – “Show Me, Pt. 1” and “Show Me, Pt. 2” (October 2018)

Vav – “Rainy Days (and Mondays)” (November 2018)

Zayin – “Who Is Our Enemy?” (January 2019)

Heth – “Wholly Clean” (January 2019)

Tet – “The Good in Affliction” (January 2019), “According to Thy Word: Applied” (April 2022)

Yod – “The Touch of the Master’s Hand” (February 2019)

Kaph – “Waiting for God” (February 2019)

Lamed – “Adrift” (February 2019)

Mem – “Notes from ‘An Exposition of Psalm 119, Part I’ — Alistair Begg” (Aug 2018)

Nun – “Notes from ‘An Exposition of Psalm 119, Part II’ — Alistair Begg” (Aug 2018)

Samech – “Wild, Uncultivated Thoughts” (July 2018)

Ain – “Seeing and Being Seen” (July 2018)

Pe –  “Not Yet Suffered” (July 2018)

Tzade – “The ‘Sign’ of My Being” (July 2018)

Koph – “Living in Prayer” (July 2018)

Resh – “Distance” (July 2018)

Shin – “Bitten” (August 2018)

Tau – “Crux” (August 2018)

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