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To read a scripture passage and the written prayer following it, click on the desired octrain.  
NOTE: A List of correlating blog posts is listed below the table of prayers.

Aleph (v1-8)

Beth  (v9-16)

Gimel (v17-24)

Daleth (v25-32)

He  (v33-40)  

Vav (v41-48)

Heth (v57-64)

Tet (v65-72)

Yod  (v73-80)

Kaph (v81-88)

Lamed (v89-96)


Mem (v97-104)

Nun (v105-112)

 Samech (v113-120)

Ain (v121-128)

Pe (v129-136)  

Tzade (v137-144)

Koph (v145-152)

Resh (v153-160)

Shin (v161-168)

Tau (v169-176)



These blog posts are personal explorations of the themes in each of the octrains. ¬†They are not exhaustive and, upon my revisiting them, they may be revised. Comments are always welcome! See “Gallery” for more info about the photos used for each post.

Aleph – “Defiled” (Sept 2018)

Beth – “From My Youth, Pt. I” and “From My Youth, Pt. II” (Sept 2018)

Gimel – “Dependence, Pt. 1” and “Dependence, Pt. 2” (October 2018)

Daleth – “The Low Door” (October 2018)

He – “Show Me, Pt. 1” and “Show Me, Pt. 2” (October 2018)

Vav – “Rainy Days (and Mondays)” (November 2018)

Zayin – “Who Is Our Enemy?” (January 2019)

Heth – “Wholly Clean” (January 2019)

Tet – “The Good in Affliction” (January 2019)

Yod – “The Touch of the Master’s Hand” (February 2019)

Kaph – “Waiting for God” (February 2019)

Lamed – “Adrift” (February 2019)

Mem – “Notes from ‘An Exposition of Psalm 119, Part I’ — Alistair Begg” (Aug 2018)

Nun – “Notes from ‘An Exposition of Psalm 119, Part II’ — Alistair Begg” (Aug 2018)

Samech – “Wild, Uncultivated Thoughts” (July 2018)

Ain – “Seeing and Being Seen” (July 2018)

Pe –  “Not Yet Suffered” (July 2018)

Tzade – “The ‘Sign’ of My Being” (July 2018)

Koph – “Living in Prayer” (July 2018)

Resh – “Distance” (July 2018)

Shin – “Bitten” (August 2018)

Tau – “Crux” (August 2018)

¬© This page last revised Feb 2, 2019. 

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