Join with others in learning and teaching Psalm 119!  New Resources will be added, including original resources in 2019.

UPDATE:  image.png Children’s Resources added Feb 2, 2019!  Also times for all audio and video resources are now given so you can plan your studies/browsing.


“What should we learn from Psalm 119?” from (Web).

“50 Facts and Links for Psalm 119”,  (Web). Very interesting and helpful facts, including a discussion of the different words this Psalm uses for God’s Word/Laws, quotes and narrative vignettes by and about famous people (C.S. Lewis, Spurgeon, Pascale, Wishart, Ruskin, Wilberforce, Henry Martyn, David Livingstone, John Calvin, Puritan Thomas Manton, ), interesting information about the Hebrew text, some hymns based on the text, and lots more.  Sources for his information are given at the bottom (for those who want to factcheck!).  Annoying glitch with quotation marks, but nonetheless valuable! (web page).

Psalm 119 Bible Study Trailer, Matt Chandler, uploaded by RightNow Media, Sept 6, 2017. (YouTube; 2:16 min.) The introductory video trailer to the study of Psalm 119 below –“Psalm 119 – Streaming Video Bible Study”.  What is it all about?


Sermons on Psalm 119, John Piper, Desiring God (  (Web). This page offers a list of Piper’s sermons on Psalm 119 with clickable links.  Video camera icons link to video, speaker icons link to audio, and all others (“article” or “sermon”) are transcripts.

“An Exposition of Psalm 119, Part One” , Alistair Begg, Aug 23, 2017  (YouTube; 36:45 min.). This is a great unfolding of the Word of God by Pastor Begg. See more of Alistair Begg at   See my overview of this video in an extended blog post here.

“An Exposition of Psalm 119, Part Two” , Alistair Begg, Aug 23, 2017. (YouTube; 30:25 min.) See my overview of this video in an extended blog post here.

Psalm 119: An Exposition, Charles Bridges, at (Book) “Pre-eminently a book of the heart; C.H. Spurgeon describes it as worth its weight in gold.  Psalm 119 –twenty-two pearls upon one string, as Bridges calls it, has ever retained a strong fascination for exercised souls. Luther said that he would not exchange one leaf of it for the whole world.”

Psalm 119 – Streaming Video Bible Study, Matt Chandler, RightNow Media.  Video sessions (10) are available when you register your church or organization at sliding scale prices (small church-small price) with RightNow Media for unlimited access for members.  RightNow Media is a non-profit organization hosting audio-visual libraries of resource material. This particular Bible study is also available in SPANISH.  Check with your organization.  Leader’s guides (purchase) and handouts (free downloads) included.


Psalm 119 – KJV Audio-Video Reading, read by Max McLean.  (YouTube; 17:28 min.).


EasyEnglish: The Word of God–Psalm 119, Wycliffe Associates-UK; (Web). “This publication is written in EasyEnglish Level A (1200 words).”  Included is a brief introduction and glossary of terms (before and after the text).  Each octrain is boxed and the text is simplified for beginning readers of English. Be sure to ENLARGE THE PRINT for dyslexic readers.


See Bible Gateway resource below.  NOTE:  The Bible version selection box has a drop-down menu of various translations and paraphrases.  Keep scrolling down to find the language of your choice and the scripture will appear in that language.


BibleHub Commentary Options,  (Web). Select from a variety of commentaries (links are under the first verse in red).  You can also use the top menu bar to select side-by-side (parallel) translations and paraphrases of the Biblical text, sermons, word studies (Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance, Interlinear, Hebrew, Lexicon, etc.).  Share on social media, and a host of other “goodies” (maps, etc.) to keep you studying and digging.  Don’t forget to stop studying and start worshipping.  Then go and do it!

Psalm 119, (Web). Share, print, listen (look for the speaker icon), and add or switch translations.  Study helps and apps are available in menu at top.

Psalm 119, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops at (Web). Scripture text with helpful footnotes.


image.png“Psalm 119 Sunday School Lesson for Kids” by Bethany Darwin (updated Nov 16, 2018),  (Web). Direct print, PDF, and Email options.  Target age: K-4th grade (adaptable for older or younger children).  Text: Psalm 119:105-112.

image.pngLamp to My Feet” Bible Lesson from Psalm 119″ by Daniel Lowery (updated Dec 28, 2012),  (Web).  Direct print, PDF, and Email options.  Target age: 2nd-6th.  Text:  Psalm 119:105-108.  (My note: a craft idea may be helpful to add with this)

image.png“Psalms 119, International Children’s Bible (ICB)”, The Bible App, ( (Web)

image.png“Alphabeti Spaghetti”, Mission Action Partnership – MAP, ( (Web).  Psalm 119:130, Hebrews 4:12.  Writing in an unfamiliar script (Devnagri), Bible translation

image.png“Taste and See”, Mission Action Partnership – MAP, ( (Web).  Psalm 119:103-104, 1 Peter 2:1-3.  A food-tasting game

image.pngThe Bible, (Web).  A five-session lesson series“that teaches children that the Bible is our source for heavenly wisdom.”  Lesson plans, Scripture Memorization, a printable Bible Story, printable Take-Home page, and printable Books of the Bible memorization helps (cards, certificates, and mini wall-posters). Target Age: Gradeschool.   L1 – The Inspired Word of God, L2 – Our Guide, L3 – Source of New Life, L4 – Sword of Truth, and L5 – Source for Wisdom.

FREE Printable Psalm 119:11 Coloring Page, Homeschool Freebies & (Web).

Psalm 119:103 Fall Theme Coloring Page, Faithfully (Web). Block letters with Candy Corn art.  The entire page has a little extended lesson including manuscript handwriting page to download in addition to the block-lettering poster to color.

Psalm 119:9-16 Coloring Pages, (Web). Inspired by The Seed Company‘s efforts to end “Bible Poverty”, together with her friend at Spell Out Loud, these gals joined together to provide coloring pages and a program of motivation for their children (and ours) to memorize this scripture passage one bit at a time.  (The Seed Company is a Wycliffe Bible Translator’s Associate.)

Psalm 119 Coloring and Activity Book, iCharacter, Ltd. (Web).  For the low price of $2.50, this younger child coloring and activity book will help parents and kids join together in learning how to delight in and benefit from God’s Word.  These are discussion promoters.  Family involvement is fun and far more effective than activity books alone.

Children Praying – Psalm 119,  Scroll to bottom to read the fine print and check out their website.  Excellent poster prayer!


“Psalm 119 Recitation by 12-year-old Yoruba Boy”, uploaded by Navi D’vorah, Nov 12, 2014.  (YouTube: 13:50 min.)  A 12-year-old boy recites the entire Psalm 119 (KJV).  Don’t say it isn’t possible!!  A little hard to hear, but very inspiring!  Share with the children in your family.

“Our 22-Week Journey Through Psalm 119′, (Web). Briarwood Presbyterian Church — PCA, Birmingham, AL.  August-December 2018.  This church led its congregation in studying progressively through Psalm 119 each Sunday during this time period.  The links are simply for the scripture text, but if you are a pastor or Bible study leader, you may contact Briarwood for more information.


MUSIC – original music and links to quality musicians’ songs linked to Psalm 119

HEBREW ALEF-BET  –  A study of the Hebrew Alef-Bet simply for the helpful reminders they give us of the content of each octrain; illustrations and coloring pages. 

PRAYER AND STUDY FLASHCARDS Prayer flashcards from this website with the correlating Hebrew Alef-bet on the front with illustration.

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