Yes, It’s True!

My rote memory is not what it should or could be (or will be), but my life memory is well-grooved by this psalm. It has changed me in the midst of most difficult times, and has brought joy to me in the best times. As I began to wrap up this study of the goodness of God, I re-read the paraphrased prayer of TET for the millionth time, and was struck anew by the truth of every line of it. It rings with lived out experience, the psalmists and my own. Yes, it is all true. It is all so gloriously true!

If Choosing Christ is a Choice, Don’t I Have Time to Decide?

We are living in unprecedented times. We have always been on high alert according to Scripture, and still, there are definite steps that we have taken in history to bring us to the point we are at now. The truth of the scriptures is becoming notably real. God has written to prepare us for every cycle of evil and every opportunity of restoration and hope; how much more so has he written to prepare us for the drama of the final days of this world. We must consider the impact of those truths now, for the time is “quickly approaching”.