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Discussion of the Paraphrased Prayers:

Below the scripture verses for each Prayer is a carefully researched paraphrase. These paraphrases  are based on my personal study from a wide variety of resources including standard commentaries, various published paraphrases and translations, further word studies, and more.

The paraphrase is written as an applied prayer, a rewording of the psalm itself.

After a lifetime of scripture reading, the words and cadences began to lose their power to reach my heart. This is not the fault of the scriptures or a failing in the work of the Holy Spirit in bringing to life and light to His Word.  It is my own failing; my own distractions and “missing the trees for the forest.” Being too familiar with the words, I failed to translate them into daily life; they were beautiful thoughts, but not action points or points of guidance from the Father.

I knew I needed to study each octrain to learn exactly what was unique to this poetic structure. Why the repetitions?  What is God saying to me? How should I respond to God through these scriptures?

After studying, I wanted to remember all that I learned in a way that could help me respond to God in prayer, not using my own thoughts, but using His ordained words. To pray God’s “script” for me.

God is teaching us, through these Psalms, how we should pray. God is giving us words for acknowledging the truth about ourselves and the truth about God and how to navigate the great mystery that lies between us.  These are Old Testament prayers  (i.e., pre-Christ), but they have New Testament fulfillment now in the coming of our Lord, Jesus Christ. We have the gift of the Holy Spirit who intercedes for us and brings to mind these “scripts” so we can know the way we should go in our journey toward eternal life.

Studying each octrain, and writing the paraphrase in careful construction so that it is true to the actual scripture, has brought me closer to its applied meaning to my life.

Discussion of Why These Prayers Are Made Public:

I share these poems with you for two—no, three reasons.

– First, because when they are posted online,  I can access them anywhere.  This is a personal advantage to me. I want them at the ready, and with mobile technology, this is now possible.

Second, if someone else may be refreshed to read them and consider each octrain in a way they may never have before, then so much the better. I wanted to make the essence of this gleaning of scholarship accessible to the general reader.

Third, I want to inspire the renewal of personal Bible study for all Christians, to the praise of His glorious Name and to the blessing on the reader’s own life. I invite fact-checking from your own Bible study. In the event of new understanding or correction, a deletion, change or addition will be made.  This is intentional.

It is hoped that the reader will become interested in the text of these verses, pray them, memorize the scripture, and pursue their own in-depth study with any of the resources provided on this web page on this site.

Discussion of Bible Translation:

The octrains[1] of Psalm 119 were first presented on this website in the King James Version (KJV) because of its widespread acceptance and because it is in the public domain.

However, as I formulate the memorization resources for each octrain, I am replacing the KJV with the New International Version (NIV) as the lead passage. This is to keep our memorization consistent on this site.

The language of the KJV formed my scriptural understanding from childhood, hard-wired in my heart and mind even as an adult. The KJV also shaped my love of language in general and, by nature of its historical value, my love of history as well.

It is more important, however, to assist the memorization of God’s Word by using a language that is more readily understood today. The NIV is widely accepted as a reliable study version and is easier to use when sharing scripture with others, as I hope we will all do!

For those who desire to retain the memorization of the Old English, as I often do, the KJV may be offered below the prayers.

Different translations are available for study on BibleHub.com or BibleGateway.com.


A note about the Hebrew Alef-Bet and spelling:

In my limited, amateur study of Hebrew, I have learned the variety of spellings, both old and new, of these Hebrew characters.  The characters themselves come in script, book-style, and manuscript (hand-written print).

Consistent spellings are hard to come by; however, I will always be researching further to ensure that these spellings are more consistent to only one universally reputable, updated, and accepted resource.  This website and its author do not claim any proficiency in the Hebrew language. Other resources (including many that I have used) are listed on the resource page.

A note about the Patterns that may be present in the 21 octrains:

There is a kind of detectable pattern with the meaning of the Hebrew character and the content of the prayer.  I have allowed these patterns to “find their place” without forcing them.

These will not be recognizable to the general reader until I have completed work on future Hebrew Alef-Bet pages which will explain the patterns and will work as an aid to matching the content of the prayer to its character.  I am still praying about these patterns and about the completion of the Hebrew pages as I focus on daily life and responsibilities.


Click on “Resources” tab to see a compendium of resource links. Download/view sermons, audio-visual media, children’s lessons and printables, and more! I will notify readers periodically in a blog post when new resources come available on this site.


These prayers and all original visual/audial media on this web site are copyrighted to https://www.readpsalm119.com.

They may be used as long as the copyright information accompanies the article. 

You may also provide a link to this website on your own website or through social media, or via e-mail.  You  are prohibited from receiving any personal remuneration from these prayers or any original content from this website.

ALWAYS provide a link back to this website when sharing any original content from this website.  Your honesty and graciousness in this is much appreciated.

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I do not receive any remuneration whatsoever for clicks, likes, product kick-backs, or traffic at this point.  This website is a personal offering of the free grace of God.

I am not opposed to payments from providers of useful resources where this provides a useful and mutual service for my readers, but the goal of this website is to remain uncluttered from ads and entanglements that are not useful to you, the reader, or may cheapen the message and purpose of God’s leading for this site.

At some future point, I may add an optional donation button to help offset the cost of maintaining and upgrading the website, if the cost becomes prohibitive otherwise.  I may also, in the future, offer tangible, transferable resource materials for a cost, but only as the Lord directs and the items are truly useful.

 May the Lord bless the reading and the praying of His Word!


[1] a stanza of poetry consisting of 8 lines. Psalm 119 contains 21 octrains.

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