Thank you for joining me in’s Psalm119 Memorization Challenge!


NEW and IMPROVING!! All relevant helps have been condensed, edited and are now on one downloadable file:

Memorization Challenge Intro.

(Includes “How to Use The Memorization Challenge Posters”, notes on the audio clips, and various resources and study methods. Click link below.)

Creating a Notebook (Opt). Print out the posters and fill-in-the-blank pages section at a time as you work toward memorization. You can insert the pages into page protectors (in a 3-ring binder) and use a write-on/wipe-off marker to fill in the blanks for reuse.


These are free for your use. Please include the copyright and website information at the bottom of each page. Permission is not given for re-sale or unattributed distribution in any form. To share with others, please send them the original link to this website, or print and share.

NOTE: Currently, all memorization resources use the New International Version (NIV) translation of the Bible. I selected this version for its versatility with different reading abilities, its modern language, and its generally reliable translation. For other translations or paraphrases, please submit a request in the comment box below.

NEW!!: The English Standard Version (ESV) has been requested and Posters are now uploaded. NOTE: The KJV, ESV and RVR-Español versions of each passage are included after the prayers on the Prayers page (see Prayers Tab).

COMING!! AUDIO – God willing, I will now be working on completing the audio uploads for NIV, then ESV and will hopefully find a Spanish-speaking volunteer to record the Spanish.

Also, since reader Ruth has graciously commented that she is learning Psalm 119 in the Good News translation, I will be working on that version as well (both posters and audio). Ruth will probably have Psalm 119 memorized before I finish but I hope that including this translation will aid her as she “passes the baton” on memorization by including her church youth group in the fun! I am excited about including this easy-to-read translation! I am currently waiting on permissions from American Bible Society. Thank you, Ruth!


Each octrain (8-verse section) currently includes the following resources:

  1. NIV Posters with keywords in bold print + the same poster in fill-in-the-blank (FITB) format
  2. NIV Posters with reverse keywords* + FITB (*Same poster as above w/different keywords.)
  3. ESV Posters (NOW COMPLETE!)

Each octrain will also include an NIV Readalong Audio with other translations to follow.

ALEPH (v.1-8)

Aleph ReadAlong Audio

BETH (v9-16)

Beth ReadAlong Audio

GIMEL (v17-24)

DALETH (v25-32)

HE (v33-40)

VAV (v41-48)

ZAYIN (v49-56)

HETH (57-64)

TETH (65-72)

YOD (73-80)

KAPH (81-88)

LAMEDH (89-96)

MEM (97-104)

NUN (105-112)

SAMECH (113-120)

AIN (121-128)

PE (129-136)

TZADE (137-144)

KOPH (145-152)

RESH (153-169)

SHIN (161-168)

TAU (169-176)

PRAYER ANSWERED: Thanking the Lord for this time in His Word! The Prayers begin with the NIV and now have KJV, ESV, and RVR-Español versions below each prayer. THE ESV POSTERS ARE UPLOADED!!! Thank you to those who graciously take the time to pray!

PRAYER REQUESTS: Memorization Challenge AUDIO clips are to be completed in NIV next week, and then hopefully in ESV, KJV, and RVR-Español soon thereafter. TRANSLATIONS: Permissions are now being sought from the American Bible Society for the Good News Translation (GNT) editions of our printable memorization helps (see note at top, “Coming!”). Also, the Hebrew Aleph-Beth picture pages are in the ART stage. These will be for coloring pages, flashcard fronts, and as dividers for building the memorization notebook. Other memorization helps for each octrain will also be added as possible.


Psalm Summary of Contents

Psalms TOC
Psalms Summarized Table of Contents

This Table of Contents of the Psalms (not just 119) is a little project that I did to help me remember key passages correlated to the correct chapter. The Book of Psalms is a large collection! I made this TOC to fit inside the blank pages at the end of a little book of Psalms I purchased (see PHOTO credit below). It fits into some sizes of Moleskines, the back of your Bible, or a any journal by trimming, taping and pasting into the pages. Download for free here as a sample. You may want to create your own custom cheat sheet in a new format.

This is offered here to give you an idea of creative ways we can all organize our study of God’s Word so that we not only read it, but we study it and organize all that we are learning so we can share it with others more easily.

Note that the Psalms are divided into “books”. These are shown in the notes.

PHOTO: The Psalms Summarized Table of Contents, trimmed and pasted into the back blank pages of The Psalms, ESV® Text Edition, ©2011 by Crossway.

Psalm 27 – Frameable Poster

7 thoughts on “Memorization

  1. There are (KJV) 2,445 words in Ps 119……if MEMORY serves me right. 😊. I am in the process of “fine tuning” it now ( while my husband patiently listens to me recite). I do believe doing Ephesians, which has 2422 words, would have been far easier, but I have always loved Psalm 119! 😇😇

    1. Hello, Karen! It is so good to hear from you! Wow, thank you for the word count! If you would ever like to do so, I would love to share an audio or video (link) of your recitation! I have always had a fear of memory work, not so much the effort of memorizing, but retention. I retain the concepts and “paraphrases” of content, but word-for-word has always been hard for me, thus this website and memorization project.

      Thank you for writing in and encouraging us all with your efforts! I am working on the ESV translations of the memorization posters this week and should have those up. Hopefully next week will be the audio. I have had “the illness” in addition to travel, so thank you for bearing with me.

  2. ESV of each prayer is now being progressively uploaded (see each prayer on the Prayers tab). ESV Memorization posters will come as soon as the NIV posters are completely uploaded, but we are on our way now.

  3. Hi. I am currently memorizing Psalm 145. I am interested in memorizing Psalm 119 if you can make the memorization resources in ESV 2001? Thanks in advance. Rose

    1. Rose,
      Thank you for your interest in memorizing Psalm 119! I will be very happy to check on permissions to put these in ESV 2001. I will check on that this week and will get that done as soon as I can. 😀 —

      1. Hi Tamara, I almost missed your reply coz it landed on my spam mail. Please take your time coz I know you have a lot of other things to do. Anyway, thanks in advance. May the Lord continue to bless you and your ministry. Amen.

      2. Thank you so much Rose Marie! I have had down time with health concerns, as have many others since 2019, and monthly travel, so things had to be postponed for a bit. But I am now back and working on getting caught up to the place we left off. Thank you so much for your reply and especially for your patience.

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