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17 Deal ___________ with ____ ________,
That I may ____ and ____ Your _____.
18 _____ my ______, that I may ________
________ things from Your ____.
19 I am a _________ in the earth;
Do not _____ Your ____________ from me.
20 My ____ is _______ with _______
After Your _________ at ___ times.
21 You ______ the ________, the ______,
Who ______ from your ____________.
22 Take away ________ and ________ from me,
For I _______ your ___________.
23 Even though _______ sit and ____ _______ me, 
         Your servant _________ on Your ________.
24 Your ____________ also are my _______; 
         They are my __________.

IDEAS for using this website:

As part of our Psalm119 Memorization Challenge, I offer a fill-in-the-blank version of each octrain and a Readalong audio. As we proceed through the octrains, these memorization helps are stored permanently under our “Memorization” tab where memorization posters are available for FREE PRINTABLES and/or FREE DOWNLOAD.

Instructions are given on the Memorization page to make small flashcards.

Go to the Prayers tab and click on the octrain to see the NIV passage and a written prayer. Think through this prayer and make it your own by writing your own version (your words) in a journal for Psalm119.

God bless you as you soak in God’s Word today.

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