Gimel Memorization

Gimel Audio Readalong by Review:17 Deal ___________ with ____ ________, That I may ____ and ____ Your _____. 18 _____ my ______, that I may ________ ________ things from Your ____.19 I am a _________ in the earth; Do not _____ Your ____________ from me. 20 My ____ is _______ with _______ After Your _________ at ___ times.21 You ______ the ________,…… Read more “Gimel Memorization”

A Face Like Flint

I love the scriptures when I am in need and they comfort me. I do not love the scriptures when I need to discipline myself to read them out of the duty of obedience. The one fills a need of mine, the other is a sacrificial act of worship to God. I am more likely to love something when it’s serving ME, than when I am having to serve others.

Gimel – The Psalmist’s Prayer

GIMEL – ג v.17-24 17 Deal bountifully with Your servant, That I may live and keep Your word.18 Open my eyes, that I may behold Wonderful things from Your law.19 I am a stranger in the earth; Do not hide Your commandments from me.20 My soul is crushed with longing After Your ordinances at all times.21 You rebuke the arrogant, the cursed, Who wander from your commandments.22 Take away reproach and contempt from…… Read more “Gimel – The Psalmist’s Prayer”

Beth Memorization, Pt. 3

Review 9 _____can a ______person _____    on the _____of ________?    By ______according to your _______.10 I _______you with ____my _______;    do not let me _______from your _________.11 I have ________your _______in my _________    that I might ________against _____.12 ________be to you, _________;________me your ________.13 With my ________I ________    all the _______that come from your ________ TODAY 14 I rejoice…… Read more “Beth Memorization, Pt. 3”