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**Tutor Resources**


January 2019

The website has now been updated for second semester purposes. Most of the colored bars are LINKED so you can access only the pages you need. Editing Tools will be uploaded as soon as possible (the same as the handouts you have received).

Please USE this web page to help you. I will try to upload ALL the basic handouts so if you are somewhere without your big, clumsy notebook (or if you can’t find your handout), you can still get the help you need.

Drop me a note in the comment bar to let me know if you see a broken link or if you need some more help, or just to let me know you have visited the site.

Ideas are welcome! If you have received help on a certain website or have found a certain resource, let me know and I can include it for others. Thanks!


Writing doesn’t just reflect thinking; it shapes thinking.” — Paula Bourque

“Writing is never done; it is only due.” — Paula Bourque

“A goal is a dream with a deadline.” — Chinese fortune cookie

On Writing Clearly:

C.S. Lewis,

The way for a person to develop a [writing] style is (a) to know exactly what he wants to say, and (b) to be sure he is saying exactly that. The reader, we must remember, does not start by knowing what we mean. If our words are ambiguous, our meaning will escape him. I sometimes think that writing is like driving sheep down a road. If there is any gate open to the left or the right the readers will most certainly go into it.

C.S. Lewis, as quoted in pt. 2 of “The Final Interview of C. S. Lewis” by Sherwood Wirt

ambiguous = open to more than one interpretation; having a double meaning.


Click on the yellow bar above for

  • printable lined writing paper PDF
  • quick visual cursive penmanship guide


“The 1000 Most Common SAT Words PDF” is in alphabetical order, 70 pages. Records Sheets are 2 pages.


Sentence Structure Types:

  • I
  • ID
  • D, I
  • I, cc I
  • I; ca, I
  • I divided by ,D,
  • I; I
  • Independent Clause = Simple Sentence
  • Independent>Dependent (no comma)
  • Dep. headed by subord. conj. (COMMA), Indep.
  • Indep. (COMMA), coord. conj. > Indep.
  • Indep. (SEMI-COLON); conj. adv. (COMMA), Indep.
  • Indep. divided by a dependent clause beginning with a relative pronoun and surrounded by COMMAS.
  • Indep. clause (SEMI-COLON); independent clauses

Click on the GREEN Bar for more Grammar Helps by category.

Writing Process Page

Click on the teal bar above for

  • video tutorials,
  • links to helpful websites,
  • downloadable PDF handouts and
  • tutor notes

Writing the Research Essay or Paper in MLA Format

Click on the Green Bar above for help with:

  • Syntopic Reading and Writing (process of research, content and source cards, and MLA format)
  • Vetting Sources
  • Embedding Quotes and Info into Text
  • Sample Title Page in MLA
  • Sample Works Cited Page in MLA (see “Syntopic Reading and Reading Guide”)
  • and more to be added continually…..

**For tutorials on creating MLA format on Microsoft Word 2010/2016, click on Brown Button below.**

Microsoft WORD Tutorials for Windows

The brown bar link contains embedded video tutorials for:

  • General Word program help,
  • using SpellCheck and GrammarCheck, and
  • How to Format Word for MLA Essays and Research Papers (including in-text citations and Works Cited Page).

Literature Resources

Smithsonian’s TweenTribune Web Site (link)

WORLD Teen Web Site (link)

NOTE: You may view the articles the Smithsonian and WORLD links above; however, for special features, you will need to set up an account (e.g., to respond online).

NOTE: For Smithsonian articles, click on the Lexile score that is most comfortable for you AND challenging. Keep within the 1000 (comfortable) and 1250 (challenging) range appropriate for high school.

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