We live in a world that is in constant state of revision.  Things go wrong.  I go wrong.  Sickness, death, sin, suffering, confusion, shock, change, and so many other negative words apply.

I have not kept up with blog posts because “things gone wrong” have happened in the life  of my family by way of the loss of a loved one and continuing debilitating disease with other loved ones.  My family is in the process of “circling the wagons” for the care of  these who need our love and care in the twilight of their years.

I have two things I want to share concerning this website.

First, I am resolved to shorten my posts by half.  I hope that you will check back or “follow” me if you find these posts helpful.  I have tried to post once a week, but sometimes that may stretch out a bit as I live out the truths before writing about them.

Second, my last post has been revised (shorter, though not by half).  If you read it before, you may want to re-read.  If you are a first-time visitor, check it out.

This blog is created to “walk through” (live out; apply) the stanzas of Psalm 119.  It is meditative in tone and focuses on God’s Word and prayer.  I have created it for my own use as well as to share with others.  Re-reading the stanzas, prayers, and thoughts have blessed me again and again, not because my writing is skilled (it is not), but because God has spoken and He speaks Truth, Light, Life, and Love.  I will continue to edit as God brings corrections to my understanding (and skill).

If you are the praying kind, remember my family and I in prayer to the Lord.  We are being “revised”, or, as the scriptures say, we are being “transformed” into His likeness, and it is all good.  He is able to accomplish all that He has designed in our lives and we trust Him completely.  We are encouraged by the wide-spread Body of Christ–His Church–as we share in each other’s burdens and also rejoice together with Christ in prayer, even when we have never met.  We will, one day, meet!


Please also venture over to (or click on the link below) and listen to Dr. David Powlison’s discussion on handling life with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer.  You will be blessed!  I have been.  Dr. Powlison, director of Christian Counseling & Education Foundation, has been immensely instrumental in my life for many years by modeling Christ in a real and tangible way.  In him, I can see what “transformation in Christ” looks like in human form, and I am encouraged for my own transformation in Christ.

Dr. Ed Welch of CCEF School of Biblical Counseling, who interviews Dr. Powlison, is a wise and caring counselor from whom I have also had the privilege of learning.  I invite you to pray with me for Dr. Powlison and his family, and the powerful continuing ministry of CCEF to “walk alongside” and draw all to Christ.

Dr. David Powlison

Please leave a comment and let me know if and how this video has blessed you.

I will return with a post on Zayin as soon as possible.

Rejoice!  Rejoice!! and again I say REJOICE!!!  Christ is with us, our Emmanuel! 

Tamara, at

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