The Common Task – F.B. Meyer, Pt. IV

This is the fourth of six sections of "The Common Task", in F.B. Meyer's Light on 
Life's Duties. Scripture added.
10 Better is one day in your courts
    than a thousand elsewhere;
I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God
    than dwell in the tents of the wicked. -- Psalm 84:10 NIV

(4) – It is a Greater Thing to Do Little Things Well, Than Those Which Seem More Important

     They who daily handle matters which loom largely before the eyes of their fellows are expected to act from great motives, and to behave worthily of their great and important positions.  The statesman is expected to be high-minded; the Christian lady to be virtuous; the minister to be earnest. There is no special credit to any of these for being what they profess, and are expected to be.  The current is with them.  

     Their difficulty would be to face it. 

     But, surely, in God’s sight, it is a much greater thing when the soul conquers adverse circumstances, and rises superior to the drift of its associations.   

  • To be high-minded, when your companions are mean and degraded;
  • to be chaste, when ease and wealth beckon you to enter the gate of vice;
  • to be devout or zealous, when no one expects it;
  • to do small things from great motives–this is the loftiest attainment of the soul.

–this is the loftiest attainment of the soul.

     It is a greater thing to do an unimportant thing from a great motive, for God, for truth, for others, than to do an important one; greater to suffer patiently each day a thousand stings, than die once as a martyr at the stake.

     And therefore an obscure life really offers more opportunities for the nurture of the loftiest type of character, just because it is less liable to be visited by those meaner considerations of notoriety, or applause, or money, which intrude themselves into more prominent positions, and scatter their deadly taint.

Join me tomorrow for part five in this six-part transcription of "The Common Task", by F.B. Meyer in Light on Life's Duties, 1895, Fleming H. Revell, Co.  (available in the public domain on HathiTrust Digital Library).


Heavenly Father, You are creating in me an endurance that sustains life. Give me the passion You have for lost souls that I will care more for others than for my own ease and comfort. When I walk alone, You walk with me. When I suffer, You have already suffered for my sake and You are there with me. When I rejoice, Lord, You rejoice with me in gladness of heart. When no one else sees or understands, Lord, You are Sovereign in sight and in heart-knowledge of me. Treasure my pitiful gifts to You, Lord, and increase my faith so that others will come and nest in Your branches and find their rest. For those today who are under a load of strain they cannot bear alone, or are lonely and needing companionship and purpose in life, Lord visit them with Your Holy Presence. And Lord, I ask that you bring them the fellowship of Your people, both in Your Word and in authentic, tangible, practical brother- and sister-hood. Help them to reach out to Your people and find all that You have treasured up for them there. In the Name of Christ, my Savior and my God, Amen.


Better Is One Day In Your House by Matt Redman, sung by Calvary Chapel of Merritt Island Worship, uploaded by Spreading Light Music, Sept 30, 2009. [YouTube; 2:30 min.]. Beautiful congregational singing with excellent band.

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