Where is God. . . ? – Prof. John Lennox

“Where is God in a Coronavirus World?” w/Prof. John Lennox & Michael Ramsden

Recorded from April 8, 2020; 38:48 min.

John Lennox is Professor of Mathematics at Oxford University, internationally renowned speaker and author of several books on the interface of science, philosophy and religion. Learn more at johnlennox.org.

In this video (approx 40 minutes), John gives answer to some of the questions that many are asking right now:

“Is this just Karma?”

“Are we/’they’ being judged by an angry God?”

“If God is good, then is He powerless?”

“If God is all-powerful, then is he just cruel?”

“Why is God allowing this suffering?”

“Who is Jesus and what good is history now?”

“Is there any hope left in the world at all?”

“Is God real?”

“Can God be trusted?”

“Does God see and care about our suffering?”

“Is hope just for heaven or is hope real now?” and more . . .

Listen to discover how God has spoken into our times through the Light of the World. Please SHARE THIS LINK with others! Share Hope!!

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