Welcome Spring!

            Much has happened since the last blog post and activity on this website, namely the unprecedented plague which has brought sickness and loss and a host of minor and major changes to our lives. We have experienced many unsettling doubts about our futures, confusion and frustration, death and grief and loss.  This has been a long, hard “winter”. 

            Within the depths of the craziness, and despite all, there has shone the light of the imago Dei (image of God) in the hearts of people all over the world. The heavens have resounded with joy at a lone soul newly bowed in self-sacrifice. I have looked on in awe as relationships have been and are still being rebuilt by mutual love and fresh appreciation for each other because of Christ’s work in human lives. I am grateful to have witnessed outrageously uncommon, everyday miracles like these in many lives, including my own.  (And yes, they are both uncommon and yet the stuff of daily life.)  As unsettling and sad as this “winter” season of life has been, it has been quiet, sacred, and good. 

            But oh, how good it is to feel the coming of spring! How grateful we are for the sun’s warming rays, the sounds of birds exulting in the thrill of a coming spring, and signs of new life springing up in secret places.  Every spring is God’s deposit on the future—the assurance of the truth that He is still in the business of making all things new.  We have peeked out from behind our masks with a new awareness of the transiency and great value of life.  We are asking much better questions. These are good things! We are looking forward now to the season of hard work and cultivating soil.  We are already looking and planning ahead to a new harvest.

            There’s more to consider on that line, and there will be a return to posts, but in light of making this one brief, here are some updates that are now happening at ReadPsalm119:


            Thank you, to the follower who requested the ESV translation for our Memorization Challenge, and to those who have asked if we would continue the challenge.  You shared that you were following along with us and I’m thrilled! I regret that it has taken so long to fulfill those requests.  Thank you all so much for your warm responses.  Here are the updates:

            Memorization Posters and Fill-in-the-Blank Posters.  Keep checking the MEMORIZATION tab to see the updates as they are being uploaded now. 

            Memorization Audio.  I will be adding the audio as soon as all the posters have been uploaded. I’m hoping for a deadline of the end of June, so prayer requests are appreciated! 

            ESV®.  I am in the process of uploading the ESV translation of each prayer (PRAYERS tab, scroll down for Translations). 

            1960 La Biblia Reina-Valera Español (RVR).  I am also adding the Spanish translation to the Prayer pages. It is my hope in the future to add Spanish audio to each octrain under the Memorization tab.

To those who have followed me:

            I am humbled and grateful for your responses and for sharing your own websites with me. During the time I have been away, I have made use of this website–a deeply humbling experience; and yet even through the imperfections, the power of God’s own Word has shown through to His glory.  I have also been reading your thoughts and practical helps and have been encouraged in the family relationships we share around the world. If not with believers, then we share a kinship with the experiences of those still searching.  I have learned practical ways to think about and apply scripture to everyday life from you; and from those not sharing scripture, I have learned to think in new ways about new and needful topics and have been enriched by hearing your viewpoints.  We are all God’s creation and we are more alike than we are different.  So, thank you for your sharing! 

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2 thoughts on “Welcome Spring!

  1. Hi Tamara. Blessings to you and your loved ones. So glad to know that you are well and are now updating your website. Thanks for adding the ESV translation. Looking forward to the day that you are able to start and finish the master memorization poster for each section of Psalm 119 in this translation. Thank you so very much for all you have done. 😊😊😊

    1. Hello Rose Marie! We are moving steadily forward with the completion of the NIV memorization posters. I am so grateful for your prayers! The ESV is being added to all the Prayers this week (as well as the Reina-Valera Español – RVR), and the poster and audio versions I am sure will follow soon. That is high on my priority list because of you. Thank you!

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