It’s About the Cross

The Ball Brothers – It’s About the Cross (OFFICIAL video)

Aug 19, 2011 by TheBallBrothers (YouTube)

Working on updating more of the ESV Posters for our Memorization Challenge, listening to lovely worship music, I came across a new group and a new song I had never heard and I knew I wanted to share it with you today. 

In a world of conflicting messages, self-focus, and complaint, this message clears the air to lift our hearts and minds to the only thing that matters.

This message is what the psalmist of Psalm 119 longed and waited for.  We have the joy and blessing of the Risen Messiah of our souls, present with us even now strengthening us and guiding us forward to meaningful days now and a glorious future ahead. Praise the Lord!

In studying through John’s Book of Revelation about Jesus Christ, I ran across this quote from Barnes’ Notes on the Bible (see, commentary on Revelation 14:3) about the “new song” only known by the Redeemed:

“And no man could learn that song, . . . —

None could understand it but the redeemed. That is, none who had not been redeemed could enter fully into the feelings and sympathies of those who were. A great truth is taught here.

To appreciate fully the songs of Zion; to understand the language of praise; to enter into the spirit of the truth which pertain to redemption; one must himself have been redeemed by the blood of Christ.

He must have known what it is to be a sinner under the condemnation of a holy law; he must have known what it is to be in danger of eternal death; he must have experienced the joys of pardon or he can never understand, in its true import, the language used by the redeemed.

And this is only saying what we are familiar with in other things.

He who is saved from peril; he who is rescued from captivity; he who is pardoned at the foot of the scaffold; he who is recovered from dangerous illness; he who presses to his bosom a beloved child just rescued from a watery grave, will have an appreciation of the language of joy and triumph which he can never understand who has not been placed in those circumstances: but of all the joy ever experienced in the universe, so far as we can see, that must be the most sublime and transporting, which will be experienced when the redeemed shall stand upon Mt. Zion above, and realize that they are saved.”

If you can’t say that you have this joy, and if you would like to know more about what it means to be redeemed, visit Someone will be there to personally speak with you and answer your questions (see the “Chat” option on the website).

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2 thoughts on “It’s About the Cross

  1. Thank you for sharing that beautiful song! Interesting about the song of the redeemed; like the Word of God that remains under a veil until that veil is lifted through faith.

    1. Yes, and that faith is a gift of God. Truly, none of us can lift our heads and claim that we did anything to deserve such a gift, and yet we DO lift our heads with grateful praise when that faith comes and we find ourselves joyfully saying, “Lord, I believe!” Thank you, dear friend, for always rejoicing in the Lord with me! You are a treasure!

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