Maundy Thursday

What is Maundy Thursday? by Alex Crain,, August 2014

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How can I celebrate these days leading up to Resurrection Day?

  1. Confess your sins to Him in prayer and ask forgiveness. Thank Him for this forgiveness.
  2. Make right whatever you have standing between you and God or another person or group. Tell them it is because of Christ that you do so.
  3. Serve someone today with the humility of Christ in mind.
  4. Encourage someone today in a practical way: a letter, a phone call, a visit, a much needed surprise gift (for no reason at all) or service. Thank them and bless them.
  5. Spend time in private or public worship of God because of Christ. A reading of the Psalms, the last few chapters of Job, the book of Revelation, or the books of John are great passages. He is worthy of our praise!
  6. Spend time in God’s Creation with worship being the sole purpose. Spend time “seeing” what you don’t normally see.
  7. Live a life of “Sabbath rest” the rest of this week in commemoration of the rest that is in our hearts now because of Christ and the power of His Kingdom within us, and also of that Day of the Coming of His Glory that is coming when all justice shall be settled, and we who love Him shall behold Him face to face.

Celebrating our Christ, our Servant King,


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